We offer two unique online courses:

Our courses are CPD Certified

Full day Peer-Support Course

This session will offer you a full understanding of what is involved at a Consultant interview. We offer a thorough and detailed, all day long course, offering sessions addressing all aspects of a Consultant interview.

  • Focussing on knowledge of the interview process      
  • Pre-interview visit and discussions     
  • Interview presentation feedback     
  • Discussions about different types of interviews depending on Foundation versus NHS Trust
  • Role of Appointments Advisory Committee and how it works
  • Mock one to one interview with peer feedback
  • Role-playing to enhance understanding the role of different panel members and their contributions
  • Support provided for application and understanding the job planning process
  • Ongoing post-course support (up to two further one to one discussion offer)

Personalised Medical Interview Course

This course is designed for you if you have attended previous interviews and are keen to enhance & hone your interview presentation skills. We offer a niche one to one support which includes feedback on presentation, interview technique and mentoring as a new Consultant. 

  • Focus on the interview technique, body language, presentation skills required for a virtual platform.
  • Assured support for review and feedback on presentation skills for future interviews.
  • Understanding behind the scenes logistics on interview day and contribution and role of Appointments Advisory Committee
  • Twelve month of ongoing post-course support including mentoring for when you have taken up a Consultant post.